What materials can you cut and engrave at FirstLightWorks?

Our Trotec CO2 laser will engrave, cut and mark many different materials. We specialise in processing wood as we have a full workshop and a wealth of experience in working with timber. Below is a table showing what we are capable of engraving and cutting. We can also mark* metals using a metal marking product. Please contact us to talk about any materials you would like to laser cut.

What technology do you use?

We operate a Trotec Speedy Laser. It is the market leading CO2 laser with unrivalled speed and accuracy. The detail we can achieve is amazing, with font sizes totally sharp from around 5pt upwards and lines cut and engraved starting with a hairline breadth of 0.1mm. If you want to see more we can send you a demonstration piece or take a look at the examples throughout our site.

I'd like you to personalise my products. What do you need to know?

To be able to give you a price for the work we need to know the following:

  • The material that is to be cut or engraved.
  • If the material is pre-finished, or if we be able to sand it after lasering.
  • The shape of the material i.e. will we need a jig to hold it in place for engraving.
  • The total size of the project. Our laser bed is 726mm x 432mm so this is our maximum.
  • The maximum height we can fit in our laser is 165mm.
  • We are able to engrave cylindrical items using our rotary attachment.
  • The size of the engraving. (The size and depth of engrave affects the cost)
  • If you have a small piece of spare material so that we can test for the best finish.
  • How many items you want engraving in total.
  • How you will get the product to us.
  • Any deadlines for the project.
  • If you need us to produce the artwork or if you have a high resolution file you would like us to use.

What are your delivery charges?

On our regular stock items we include postage, generally offering a UK or a non-UK version of each product.

On orders for cake toppers, hanging decorations etc we add a charge to include packaging and Post Office delivery, for small items this is usually £2.90.
On bespoke orders for personalised products we ship by courier and will quote a cost when you place your order. Do let us know if you would like us to quote for this service in advance.