Making a Sign

After making some signs for other people we thought we had better have one of our own.

We drew up our design on the computer, based on our company logo, then created a cutting pattern for the different layers and colours.

The background was laser cut from birch plywood then we gave it several coats of paint to give it vibrancy and depth.

We laser etch the design onto the background to help with letter placement and for contrast we painted the lettering white.

Next the laser does it’s magical thing of cutting the letters out cleanly and precisely then we apply them to the sign.

I defy anyone to stand in the workshop when the laser is cutting and not be transfixed as it powers through wood, acrylic or any number of materials. It’s quite mesmerising.

The most satisfying bit is peeling off the paper mask and revealing the crisp white lettering.

We have created a few signs now and have some available in our online store.

To order one like our round logo sign look on our store for details.

We think these are perfect for those of you who have a small business or Instagram logo.

Put it on your wall or in the background of your photos to help promote your brand and to let people know who you are!

We have a range of signs in our store take a look and see if there is one that suits you.

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