Bespoke Makers Marks to personalise and brand your work. Perfect for joiners and cabinetmakers. We cut your Makers Marks from metallic or coloured acrylic and engrave your company name or logo.


Makers Marks are 1.6mm thick and are supplied with a 3M adhesive backing (if required) and can be stuck onto your work or set into a rebate for a flush finish.


Our standard offering is 20 Makers Marks including adhesive and postage and packaging, in a 30-35mm circle or 20-30mm x 60mm rectangle. Alternatively almost any size, shape, material or quantity is possible so contact us to discuss your specific requirements. After this initial 'starter pack' we can arrange a reduced rate for bulk orders of 50+ Makers Marks.


Designs can use either your existing logo, or be a simple name arrangement based on one of our typical designs. We will provide a proof for approval before cutting.


Colour options include: Brushed Brass or Brushed Silver with black engraving, Smooth Gold or Smooth Silver (satin) with black, and a number of flat colour options (including black, blue, orange, grey and red) with white engraving. Please note all Makers Marks are Acrylic with a micro coated metallic or coloured surface.


Order a standard batch of 20 Makers Marks here, then send your logo or company name to, or contact us to discuss any details on our email or contact page. 


SHIPPING: This product item includes Postage & Packaging for the rest of the World. For shipping within UK please use our UK product.


Makers Marks (non-UK)